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Welcome to the foundation’s Community Health Data Center. The Health Data Center provides a source of information and analysis of key health indicators for 25 MetroWest communities. Data is collected from state and federal resources and is searchable by category.

What's New

We recently updated hospitalization data for our 25 MetroWest communities. Data through 2012 is now included.

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Understanding the Data

Average Annual Count
The total number of cases counted in the time period specified, divided by the number of years. This helps control for measurement errors.

Age Adjusted Rate per 100,000
The average annual count divided by the population, adjusted for age distribution, and standardized. This allows for better comparison across communities and regions, even if they have small populations.

Margin of Error
Produces a confidence interval so that 95% of the time, the value of the measurement listed would fall within the margin of error. This helps account for estimation errors, and helps determine if two measurements are significantly different than each other.

For more details, please see the notes for each measurement.

How to Use the Health Data

The data is intended to be used for planning purposes and to help providers identify areas that are in need of intervention.


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