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The MetroWest Health Foundation has provided data to users throughout MetroWest since 2002. Our focus is on community-specific data that local users can easily access to make appropriate comparisons, and drive strategic decision-making.

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How to Use the Search

The data search operates with a series of expanding menus, radio button, and checkbox selections. Step-by-step, you can access the data you are looking for.

Selecting an Indicator using the expanding menus on left

Step 1. At the bottom of this page, click the + sign next to your desired data type to expand the measures/indicators below it

Step 2. Click the + sign next to your desired type of measure

Step 3. Choose your detailed indicator by clicking in the associated radio button

Selecting Geography(ies) using the checkboxes on the right

Step 4. Choose your geography (up to four towns)

Submit your search


Step 6. Choose a chart to show the data for all of the towns in MetroWest.

Step 7. Choose notes, to get detailed notes on the methodology and concepts.

Step 8. Make a pdf file if this is best for you.

Step 9. Export data to an Excel file. This can help if you want to do other calculations or charting.

MetroWest Health Data Search

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Note: Results will include State and MetroWest regional data.

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