Advancing Health Equity

The goal of the foundation's health equity work is to support broad community resident representation and participation in health-related initiatives and increase diversity and equity capacity of the health care and social service workforce.  This work is accomplished in three ways:

  1. Deepening health equity and inclusion in MeroWest organizations by supporting the work of the Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Work Group and identifying opportunities for diverse community stakeholder participation and engagement in all the foundations work
  2. Training the health care and social service workforce to meet diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) needs
  3. Increasing the diversity of the pipeline of future leaders in the health care and social service sectors by prioritizing diversity within organizations and initiating strategies to bring more diversity to the workforce

Why Health Equity

Health Equity Plan 2020

Health Equity Resources

Racial & Ethnic Workgroup Meeting Schedule 2019-2020




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