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It's not to early to think about the 2020 US Census

2020 is still a couple of years away, but it's not too early to begin talking about the significance the census has for local communities and the funding of critical health and social services. The funding of many programs, from Head Start to SNAP, the Mental Health Block Grant or Maternal & Child Health Services, use census data to determine how funds are distributed.

This makes getting an accurate census count so important and why everyone in our region needs to be counted. It is also why the foundation has funded the Massachusetts Census Equity Fund to assist MetroWest organizations in educating community leaders, elected officials, media and the general public about the importance of an accurate census. 

The Foundation will be convening community agencies and representatives of the fund in January to begin planning for the 2020 census.  If you have an interest in being part of this work, contact Rebecca Gallo at 508-879-7625.

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