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Foundation to Support the 2020 MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey

The foundation's Board of Trustees recently voted to continue its support of the biennial MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey. The survey, administered by EDC and done in partnership with local school systems, represents one of the most comprehensive surveys of adolescent health and wellness in the country. The survey reaches nearly 42,000 middle and high school students and provides data to inform policy and program decisions on key adolescent heath issues, such as mental health, tobacco and e-cigarette use, and cyber-bulling.
The foundation funded the first survey in 2006 with a handful of schools. The 2018 survey included all public schools systems across the foundation's service area, as well as a number of vocational-technical and charter schools.
Dr. Anna Nolin, Superintendent of Schools in Natick said, "The data from the MetroWest survey allows us to educate our families, our students and our funders as to critical needs facing our students."
To see results from the 2018 survey, click here

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