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What do our grantees say about us?

Every three years, the foundation embarks on a unique process of reflection and self-improvement. The heart of this process is to ask our grantees how they perceive our work. To do this we engage the Center for Effective Philanthropy to conduct an independent and confidential survey called the Grantee Perception Report or GPR.  The GPR looks at various dimensions of our work, including the impact we have on grantee communities; grantee-funder relationships; the ease of our application and reporting processes; and whether our work fosters sustainability within projects and programs.
CEP surveyed all active grantees this past fall. The results of the survey were shared with our trustees and grant panel members at the end of January, and the results were very positive. The foundation continues to score very well in our understanding of our grantees' field and the communities they work in. We also scored very well in grantee-funder relationships. Areas where we can improve include sustainability and non-monetary assistance. We intend to dig deeper into these two areas and develop specific strategies for improvement.  
The full 2016 CEP survey report is available for review by clicking here. 

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