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Highlights from the 2016 MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey now available.

Over seventy school and community leaders were present today as Shari Kessel Schneider, project director at EDC, presented highlights from the 2016 MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey. The survey captures risk behavior data from over 40,000 middle and high school students. The data suggest that many communities are seeing a decline in high risk behaviors, such as substance use, sexual activity and bullying, but stress among adolescents continues to rise.
Danna Mauch, CEO of the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health served as a reactor to the presentation. Dr. Mauch discussed the risk and protective factors associated with stress in children and adolescents, and how families, schools and communities can work together to create a culture that can support youth as they struggle with stress and other behavioral health issues. 
To read or download copies of the 2016 Highlights for middle and high schools, click here.

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